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Profile of Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball ... - Liberal Politics
Advice to Aspiring Political Journalists. "I've had one helluva an apprenticeship for what I'm doing on television: fifteen years in politics, fifteen years writing for ...
Profile of Rachel Maddow, MSNBC Journalist and ... - Liberal Politics
2005 - Accepted Air America's offer to host her own liberal politics radio show, The ... For her efforts as a political journalist, Rachel Maddow has been awarded: .
Profile of Elizabeth Vargas, ABC News Journalist - Liberal Politics
In January 2006, Elizabeth Vargas, a respected 20-year broadcast journalist, ... has logged hundreds of hours of international, political and hard-news reporting,  ...
Conflicts of Interest - How Journalists Can Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Many news organization have rules against this for obvious reasons - it telegraphs where the reporter stands politically, and erodes the confidence readers have ...
How to Get Started in a Journalism Career - Internships - About.com
Journalists covering some stories such as political uprisings, wars, fires, and weather-related events can often be dangerous as well. Depending on the job, ...
Covering Rallies - How To Cover a Political Rally - Journalism
Political rallies typically have a special section set aside for the press, but the only thing you'll hear there is a bunch of reporters talking. Get into the crowd and  ...
Should Journalists Be Objective or Tell the Truth? - Journalism
Is it a reporter's job to be objective or to tell the truth, even if it means ... So yes, reporters should make every effort to verify statements made by politicians or ...
How Politicians Exploit the Media - About.com
Media and politics usually mix as well as oil and water. Reporters seek the truth, while politicans seek election. See the 8 ways politicians can successfully ...
Media Ethics - Media Ethics for Professionals - Media ... - About.com
Just because you work in media doesn't mean you don't have political opinions. Some people are paid to give theirs publicly. If you want to appear unbiased, ...
When is it Okay for Journalists to go Undercover? - Journalism
O'Keefe's videos created a splash in political and media circles, only to be shot ... Ward says, "is a tool that should be used by responsible journalists who think ...
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