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Profile of Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball ... - Liberal Politics
In truth, he's an independent thinker, not prone to either left or right political extremism, whose views are colored more .... Advice to Aspiring Political Journalists.
Conflicts of Interest - How Journalists Can Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Don't attend rallies, wave signs, or otherwise publicly lend your support to groups or causes that have a political bent. Non-political charitable work is fine.
Media Ethics - Media Ethics for Professionals - Media ... - About.com
Just because you work in media doesn't mean you don't have political opinions. Some people are paid to give theirs publicly. If you want to appear unbiased, ...
When is it Okay for Journalists to go Undercover? - Journalism
O'Keefe's videos created a splash in political and media circles, only to be shot ... Ward says, "is a tool that should be used by responsible journalists who think ...
12 Events That Changed How Media Outlets Cover News - About.com
This had many journalists eagar to pursue investigative work. In the years since, corporate and political pressures have often made this kind of reporting tough.
How to Get Started in a Journalism Career - Internships - About.com
Journalists covering some stories such as political uprisings, wars, fires, and weather-related events can often be dangerous as well. Depending on the job, ...
American Political Nightmares Lesson - English as 2nd Language
Political Nightmares - A fun conversation lesson for advanced level ESL EFL ... Split students into two groups - a group of journalists and a group of politicians.
Avoiding Media Bias When Covering Political News Stories
Media bias is a common charge that politicians use against news reporters who publish unfavorable stories. Make sure the news you report measures up to ...
A Definition of Liberal Media Bias - Conservative Politics - About.com
Media bias does not refer to the political punditry class, as political affiliations are ... Media bias refers to the allegedly objective journalists in print and media ...
Avoid Accusations of Political Bias by Not Getting Too Chummy with ...
Critics are eager to accuse reporters of political bias during election campaigns. Avoid appearances of political bias by making sure you aren't seen as too ...
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