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Obama's Speech on Israel, Iran, Iraq & the Middle East
Mar 2, 2007 ... Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) delivered these remarks on Israel, Iran, Iraq and the Middle East to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee ...
The U.S. and the Middle East - US-Mideast History since 1945
A Guide to American policy in the Middle East since World War II, from the Truman Administration to George W. Bush's.
Regional Affairs Officer -Middle East/North - US Military - About.com
Qualificaiton factors and job description for Marine Corps Officer Jobs. MOS 8224 -- Regional Affairs Officer -Middle East/North .
The Middle East: Ten Indispensable Books - Middle East Issues
While the subject of the Middle East is too complex, too fascinating and surprising to be reduced to one volume, however fat and brilliant, it can be reduced to a ...
Pierre Tristam - Middle East Issues - About.com
Middle East expert Pierre Tristam's biography. ... The column focuses on the Middle East, foreign affairs, civil liberties, immigration and federal politics.
Current Situation in Egypt - Middle East Issues - About.com
Analysis and background information on the political transition in Egypt: latest developments, the balance of power, profiles of main players.
AIPAC - The American Israel Public Affairs Committee - Middle East ...
AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is the powerful pro-Israel lobby most U.S. lawmakers ignore at their own risk (overwhelmingly, they do not).
Current Situation in Qatar - Middle East Issues - About.com
When mass anti-government unrest swept across the Middle East, Qatar ... Appointed Minister of State for Interior Affairs in 1995, Abdullah later became the  ...
U.S.-Middle East Policy: Six Decades of Disorder - Middle East Issues
What are Barack Obama's top five challenges in the Middle East as he begins his second mandate? Without the pressure of electability, US presidents ...
Iraq - Historical Setting - Bibliography - Medieval History - About.com
The Economic History of the Middle East, 1800-1914. Chicago: University ... "Iraq: New Power in the Middle East," Foreign Affairs, 58, Winter 1979-1980, 257-77.
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