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Barack Obama's Faith-Based Community Service and Literacy Plan
Jul 1, 2008 ... On July 1, 2008, Barack Obama unveiled his plan to continue, with significant modifications, the faith-based funding initiatives established by ...
Faith in Public Life, Faith and Politics, Politics and Islam, Politics and ...
On July 1, 2008, Barack Obama unveiled his plan to continue, with important changed, the faith-based funding initiatives established by President Bush.
Faith Based Funding and Programs: Recent News, Posts, and ...
President George W. Bush has worked hard to get the government to finance religion and religious programs. This 'faith based funding' is designed to provide  ...
Socially Responsible Investing and Faith-Based Investing
An article about faith-based investing including what it is and which mutual funds are available.
Faith-Based Nonprofit Organization Definitions
The Arizona Grantmakers Forum in 2005 noted that "information on foundation and corporate funding of faith-based organizations is limited." The best source is  ...
Court Decision - FFRF v. Faith Works
Faith Works was a "faith based" program providing long-term residential ... came to receive about two-thirds of its funding from the Wisconsin state government.
Court Decision - Dodge v. Salvation Army
This ruling is very relevant to the efforts to provide more government funding to religious organizations - the so-called "faith based funding" which religious ...
Catholic Doctrine and Your Health: Church and State
How is it possible for religious organizations to receive public funding and then ... and improve service because of the extra advantages brought by faith-based ...
Church & State - Conservative Politics - About.com
A look at the faith-based agenda of the social conservative political movement as ... in the military to government funding for faith-based and community initiatives.
News and Commentary about President George W. Bush
Faith-Based Funding: USD $1.1 Billion President Bush's desire to have the federal government pay for religious programs has cost the federal government more ...
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