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Pros and Cons of the No Child Left Behind Act
NCLB is a federal law that mandates a number of programs aimed at improving U.S. education in elementary, middle and high schools by increasing ...
Importance of Understanding Education and Legislation - Teaching
Education and legislation is often intertwined with each other. As a principal, you should realize the importance of adhering to all laws governing the school.
Definition of School Legislation - Teaching - About.com
State laws on education vary from state to state. An education related law in Wyoming may not be an education related law in South Carolina. Local school ...
School Law - Education and School Law - Teaching - About.com
School law often governs how we can teach our students. Need to know what some of the most influential educational laws are? Want to know what your rights  ...
Special Education Law - Legal Careers - About.com
Special education law is a growing sub-specialty of education law that addresses the rights of children with disabilities within the context of the nation's ...
The Principal's Role in Special Needs Education
As a principal it is essential to know and care about the legal guidelines established by Public Law 94-142, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of ...
What are Administrative Laws in Special Education Programs?
Nov 10, 2008 ... Definition: Administrative laws in special education are legal requirements schools and districts must follow. These administrative laws are ...
Apartheid Legislation in South Africa -- The Most Important ...
South Africa used legislation to implement the segregation of its black population. ... Established a Black Education Department in the Department of Native ...
IDEA Regulations Released by the US Department of Education
Learn about the new Special Education Regulations released August 3, 2006 that detail the ... in 2004, and the new regulations further interpret that legislation.
Special Education Due Process Hearings - Learning Disabilities
Find information you need to help you determine if a special education hearing is ... hearing may vary depending on your state's specific administrative laws.
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