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Civil Liberties and Human Rights Issues and Opinion
Get the latest civil liberties and human rights news, debate and discussion. Coverage includes basics, history, activism and causes.
Civil Liberties - Definition & Examples
Civil liberties are the rights guaranteed to citizens or residents of a country or territory as a matter of fundamental law. They generally differ from human rights, ...
Introduction to Civil Liberties - Civil Liberties Introduction for Beginners
An introduction to civil liberties, suitable for beginners and experts alike. Explains the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other relevant documents.
Issues and Views - Civil Liberties Issues and Views
Civil liberties controversies tend to be divisive by their very nature, but in many ways they define our national culture and our national values. The fact that the ...
History of American Civil Liberties - About.com
The civil liberties we have today weren't created; they evolved. Inch by inch, technicality by technicality, the British system of law that once allowed for the ...
Tom Head - Biography of About.com Civil Liberties Guide Tom Head
Biography of Tom Head, author and About.com Guide to Civil Liberties.
Civil Liberties Issues and Causes - About.com
Civil liberties issues and causes that are debated in the United States and abroad.
Civil Liberties in Wartime - About.com
Wartime has occasionally helped along the progress of American civil liberties— but it has done so at unspeakable cost.
Civil Liberties and the War on Terror - About.com
This is good for national healing, but very bad for civil liberties. Just as the Wall Street Bombing had 81 years before, the 9/11 attacks made Americans more ...
Ted Cruz on Civil Liberties - About.com
Where does Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), likely 2016 presidential contender, stand on key civil liberties issues?
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