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President Barack Obama - Liberal Politics - About.com
On the evening of July 27, 2004, Barack Obama, then candidate for US Senator from Illinois, delivered an electrifying speech to the 2004 Democratic Convention  ...
Barack Obama Jokes Cartoons and Funny Videos - Political Humor
Jokes, cartoons, and videos poking fun at President Barack Obama.
Barack Obama Family Tree - Sixth Generation
The family tree of Barack Obama includes great great great grandparents with the following surnames - Dunham, Stroup, Kearney, Holloway, Armour, Clark, ...
Barack Obama Humor - Jokes, Cartoons & More - Political Humor
A round-up of the best humor about President Barack Obama, including late- night Obama jokes, political cartoons, funny spoof videos, and other Obama humor.
Barack Obama on Injecting Religion into Politics: What Role for ...
Barack Obama has declared that his religion has an important place in politics - but apparently only on his terms and in the way he wants. As has become ...
Best Obama Jokes of All Time - Best Barack Obama Late-Night Jokes
A selection of the best late-night jokes about President Barack Obama from all of the late-night comedians, spanning from the 2008 campaign to the present.
Barack Obama Gaffes - Stupid Obama Quotes and Gaffes
Memorable gaffes and misstatements by President Barack Obama.
Barack Obama Cartoons - Obama Political Cartoon Gallery
View a gallery of Barack Obama cartoons featuring the latest editorial and political cartoons about President Obama and his administration.
Ancestry of Barack Obama - Fifth Generation - Genealogy - About.com
The great great grandparents of Barack Obama include Jacob William Dunham, Mary Ann Kearney, Harry Ellington Armour, Gabriella Clark, Charles Payne, ...
President Barack Obama - History in Chicago - About.com
Find essential information including bio timeline, photos, key speeches, Chicago connections and more about President Barack Obama.
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