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U.S. House Democratic Leadership, 2011 to 2012
U.S. House Democratic leadership team for the 112th Congress, from 2011 to 2012 ... Congressional Majority and Minority Leaders and Whips · 113th Congress ...
Profile of Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California - Liberal & Progressive ...
On the 112th and 113th Congress, Feinstein served and will chair the powerful Senate Select Committee ... Senate Committees in 112th Congress, 2011-2012:.
113th Congress Leaders - US Politics on About.com
See a list of leaders in the 113th Congress. Find out who holds which positions. Learn which party controls the House and Senate.
113th Congress - Details and Information - US Politics on About.com
Jan 3, 2013 ... Learn about the 113th Congress. Discover the political makeup of the 113th Congress. Find out how many women and minorities were ...
113th Congress meets - Mark Wilson/Getty Images News
Find out how many laws Congress passes every year. Learn which Congress has been the most product. See which Congress has been the least productive.
Here's a List of the Wealthiest Members of the 113th Congress
How much do you think the wealthiest member of the 113th Congress is worth? Here's a hint: It could be as much as half a billion - yes, we said billion, not ...
Record Number of Women in Congress in 2013 - Women's Issues
Who says 13 is an unlucky number? In the 113th Congress convening in January 2013, a record number of women in Congress, as well as in both the House ...
Unproductive Congress - 113th Congress Cartoon - Political Humor
A political cartoon about the do-nothing 113th Congress.
2014 Election Date - US Politics on About.com
House Speaker John Boehner swears in the newly elected members of the 113th Congress in the House Chambers on Jan. 3, 2013. The 113th Congress will ...
Census 2010 Apportionment Results – Apportionment population ...
As a result of the Census 2010 apportionment process, eight states will gain at least one new U.S. Representative beginning in the 113th Congress, while ten ...
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