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'08 Democratic Convention: Disciplined, Unified but Dull?

By August 11, 2008

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Give credit where credit is due: the Obama political team is extraordinarily effective at political strategy and planning. Their message execution is disciplined and controlled, and exquisitely plotted. The question is... post-primary race, where's the pizzazz?

For example, Denver Convention co-chair, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, yesterday released first details of the convention schedule, including prime-time speakers for each of the four evenings, set for August 25 to 28, 2008.

And the schedule is neat. It's tidy. It's unified and consistent. In truth, it's kind of perfect. And to me, it looks kind of boring.

After all, Democratic conventions are nothing without a little swoon, a litte chaos, and a dollop of spontaneity.

Remember Al Gore's sexy smooch of Tipper in 2000? Remember Al Sharpton's fantastic, fire-breathing speech in 2004?Remember the young, starry-eyed Clintons and Gores dancing long into the night in 1992 to Fleetwood Mac tunes?

Democratic conventions are nothing without a bit of controversy, and dramatic rivalries, and requisite emotional protests over this and that.

Without protests, and controversy, and chaos, and especially without spontaneity and authenticity, a Democratic convention becomes... well, Republican. A dully focused and controlled business meeting, complete with scripted actions, canned events, and orderly, timed cheering.

Ostensibly to build excitement, the Obama political team, which has now merged with the Democratic National Committee, is daily releasing details of the convention program.

Today, Gov. Sebelius released info about Day Two, which will spotight Sen Hillary Clinton speaking on the 88th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote. And she will be joined by a multitude of celebrated Democratic women leaders. Read all about it at my Insider Guide to the The '08 Democratic Convention .

Check back here daily as I keep you abreast of the latest insider news and views of the '08 Democratic Convention in Denver.

As of today, I see the meaty message of the convention, but I don't see the sizzle that sells the message to millions of undecided and independent voters.

And thus far, I see little trace of the grassroots exuberance that successfully drove the Obama primary campaign.

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