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Super Bowl Special: Online Games for Political Junkies

By February 3, 2007

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On this Super Bowl weekend, I thought you political junkies might also enjoy some political games. Here are two that are a hoot, and certainly fun ways to while away the time waiting for kick-off.

Fantasy Congress
You've heard of fantasy football and baseball? There's even fantasy golf (my husband plays it), and fantasy Academy Awards (which I enjoy each year).

Now, there's a full-fledged Fantasy Congress site, which 'offers you the power to 'play politics.' " The site explains:

"As in other fantasy sports, you - the Citizen - draft a team of real-life legislators from the U.S. Congress and score points for your team's successes. Join a league and compete against other Citizens, or form a league of your own!

Play against your friends, family, bloggers, fellow politicos, or even a sitting U.S. Senator (one could be playing incognito, you never know!). On weekends, move Members of Congress into your active line-up or off your team to strategize for the upcoming week of legislation!

Educators, Fantasy Congress is the perfect tool for bringing home the process of legislation and the role of Congress to your students. Our database is the largest and broadest of its kind, and is updated daily... "

Fantasy Congress is entirely free, and was founded in 2006 by 5 dormmates at Claremont McKenna College here in Southern California.

It's clever, absorbing and interesting. And sure to be snapped up by major media or a corporation, so play it now while it's free.

Democratic Nomination Competition, 2007
For those political junkies who also can't get enough of professional sports drafts, or who mark the days off until you can track the confusing brackets of college basketball's March Madness, there is Democratic Nomination Competition (DNC).

DNC is a candidate preference voting system in which participants grade 160 Democrats divided into 10 groups of 16 candidate each. The winning candidates move on to the next bracket of voting competition, until a winner is declared ti be the most desired Democrat to be president.

The intricate rules of bracketing, seeding and tie-breakers are remarkably complex. And be forewarned: it takes deep knowledge of a wide-range of Democrats to play this game.

I look forward to playing and watching Democratic Nomination Competition 2007, as well as its message boards, as one more intriguing barometer of Democratic rising and fading stars.

Have fun!

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