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Why Is This Not Reported as Hate Speech? Senate Candidate Wants to Execute Gays

By March 6, 2006

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Why is this not viewed as grotesque hate speech, something to be abhorred by all Americans rather than winkingly overlooked by many? Why is this reported by the press as an odd, attention-attracting story, rather than commented on as an evil monstrosity?

From WTOL-TV in Toledo, Ohio:

"Merrill Keiser, Jr., is a trucker by trade, and he's hoping his next journey takes him all the way to Washington. His goal is a seat in the US Senate, but first he has to make it through the primary that will determine which Ohio Democrat will be the November ballot.

The Fremont man is causing some controversy with one of his beliefs. He tells News 11 homosexuality should be a felony, punishable by death. 'Just like we have laws against murder, we have laws against stealing, we have laws against taking drugs -- we should have laws against immoral conduct,' Keiser says."

What if this hate-filled moron called for the execution of all blacks or all Jews ? Would the public outcry be similarly subdued? Would the press still report it as a cute curiousity or merely an alternative viewpoint? Where is moral outrage in 2006?

Lest I be accused of picking on Republican crackpots, Mr. Keiser is a registered Democrat. He has never before run for political office, but now seeks to enter the Ohio Democratic primary for the US Senate seat presently held by the beleaguered Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH).

I just can't believe a Democrat would regurgitate this hate speech. He must be a Republican plant. Please...someone tell me I'm correct.....
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March 18, 2010 at 2:26 pm
(1) rod says:

Don’t mix racism and homosexuality. Being Black or Jewish is not a choice. How do we in the present condition of the world distinguish between race issues and morality issues? All races of people have homosexuals in their culture whether we are white or black or any shade there of between. Also isn’t calling anyone “a hate-filled moron” a form of hate speech? Just like every race on earth has their gay life styles every race is racist to a point. We are led to believe that only whites are racist well that is a lie.

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