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Liberal Bloggers Give Thanks for the Death of Bush Plan to Privatize (Kill) Social Security

By November 25, 2005

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"The Senate staged sparsely attended burial services Tuesday for President Bush's long-dead plan to remake Social Security through creation of personal accounts," reported AP, via Yahoo News, on November 15, 2005.

AP continued, "By its action, the Senate thus sealed a place in history for Bush's proposals a defeat administered to a president at the dawn of a second term by a Democratic minority....

The president issued his call in last winter's State of the Union address, recommending personal savings accounts coupled with reductions in future benefits....But confronted with near-unanimous Democratic opposition and polls showing voter unhappiness with Bush's proposals, Republicans flinched. Legislation failed to reach the floor of either the House or Senate."

This momentous development, strongly favored by most Americans, was purposely timed by Republican leadership to be missed by the press, which was focused on Congressional budget battles, raucous debate over the War in Iraq and the start of the President's embarrassingly unproductive 8-day trip to Asia.

But liberal bloggers didn't miss this glorious news!

In fact, many progressive bloggers gave thanks over their holiday turkeys at the legislative failure of the Bush Administration's plan to dismantle Social Security through "privatizaton," and to surrender a huge portion of retirees' hard-earned benefits to bankers and brokers to "administer" their "private accounts."
Blogger Hello in There celebrated Thanksgiving by listing political points he and his are thankful for...."We're thankful for Rep. Jack Murtha for showing us it's patriotic to speak your mind.

We're thankful for 90 Senators who stood up to Vice President Cheney to say that torture is not an American value.

We're thankful for 79 Senators who demanded the Bush administration detail a plan for Iraq.

We're thankful that Sen. Bill Frist is not our physician."

But some of Hello in There's gratitude is for Social Security: "We're thankful all Americans can still rely on Social Security."
From blogger Pittsburgh Thoughts, "The Federal government's social contract: education, welfare, medical care, veteran's benefits, Social Security, disaster relief, etc., have been the conservative bogeyman ever since FDR and the 'new deal' bought us out of the great depression. Millions of Americans to this day count on its protection and assistance.

The conservatives however, have and will continue to dismantle whatever programs that they can whatever way they can. Since Grover Norquist and his 'gang of five' have gained momentum, it's become a cult-like obsession using: attrition, purposeful neglect, cronyism and corporatism disguised as privatization as their bloody scalpels."
Blogger The Right Left Story sums up the Democratic position on Social Security when he writes, "Democrats believe that after a life of hard work, you earn a secure retirement. Our commitment to protecting the promise of Social Security is absolute.

We will not allow anyone to endanger Social Security or take even a single step toward dismantling it. We are open to any and all ideas that ensure that the current and future generations of retirees receive the benefits they were promised without heaping trillions onto our national debt."
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