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Donald Rumsfeld to Profit Millions from Bush Spending on Avian Bird Flu Pandemic

By November 1, 2005

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I hate to be cynical, but this is the Bush Administration, which views all things in terms of political gain and personal and corporate profit. ALL things.

Turns out there's even a profitable angle to fighting the avian bird flu. CNN/Money magazine is reporting today, "The prospect of a bird flu outbreak may be panicking people around the globe, but it's proving to be very good news for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other politically connected investors in Gilead Sciences, the California biotech company that owns the rights to Tamiflu, the influenza remedy that's now the most-sought after drug in the world.

Rumsfeld served as Gilead (Research)'s chairman from 1997 until he joined the Bush administration in 2001, and he still holds a Gilead stake valued at between $5 million and $25 million, according to federal financial disclosures filed by Rumsfeld."

Dick Cheney is the former head of Halliburton, the corporation that has, and continues to make billions from the never-ending, directionless Iraq War. The more the US spends in Iraq, the more pocketed by a slew of Bush Administration cronies and donors.

It's apparently the same for the avian bird flu. The more the US spends on avian bird flu vaccinations, the more Donald Rumsfeld and untold other other Bush Administration cronies will profit.

AP filed a report this morning, making President Bush sound like the sudden, born-again savior of American public health...."President Bush outlined a $7.1 billion strategy Tuesday to prepare for the danger of a pandemic influenza outbreak, saying he wanted to stockpile enough vaccine to protect 20 million Americans against the current strain of bird flu.

The president also said the United States must approve liability protection for the makers of lifesaving vaccines."

I wonder how much of that $7.1 billion of taxpayers funds will end up in Donald Rumsfeld's and other Bush cronies' pockets? And even if the flu vaccination is faulty and causes disability and death, they will have NO liability.

It also makes me wonder how much of this extreme hype is fortuitously-timed Bush-Cheney style scaremongering and how much is reality. Blogger Dr. Joseph Mercola, a well-respected, long-time physician, says it's scaremongering, here at his post, Rumsfeld to Profit from Avian Flu Hoax.

This is a dream come true for the greedy profiteering friends of the Bush Administraton. Gosh, if the avian flu is profitable enough, maybe they can start winding down the Iraq War.

For an excellent site with extensive info on the profiteering of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and cronies from war, natural disaster and now health pandemic, visit CorpWatch's War Profiteers.

If you can stomach it....
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May 1, 2009 at 11:51 pm
(1) Swine Flu says:

the Cheney/Bush administration was forever either causing disasters or profiting from them. this is just the latest

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