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Senator Mary Landrieu Tussles with CNN's Anderson Cooper

By September 1, 2005

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From Jillian at DailyKos....

"Anderson Cooper Goes Balistic on Mary Landrieu Right Now.

She's thanking all the politicians. The Big Dog. Bush #1. Frist. Reid. etc. blah blah blah.

Cooper goes off on 'I'm tired of hearing all this backslapping from politicians. I saw a rat eating a body because it's been on the street for two days. Do you get the anger that is out here?' "

Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is a camera-friendly two-term moderate Democrat who frequently votes with Republicans on swing issues. She's been a very frequent talking TV head in the past few days, giving dozens of interviews and doling out boilerplate reassurances.

Anderson Cooper is an articulate, passionate CNN correspondent and host of the CNN program, 360.

Let's just say....it would be heartening to see politicians doing some of the hard, heartwrenching work, not just making photogenic political hay.


August 6, 2010 at 10:48 am
(1) dave colegrove says:

Mr. Cooper; on your show you interviewed Mr. Sanchez a representative I believe for Illinois. He went off on immigration with attacking people for hating babies of the womb, and Mexicans crossing the border only for work and a better life. You let him ramble and tell untruths or he is just ignorant of the situation with Mexicans crossing the border. Mexican mothers who are pregnant do cross the border just to create children in the U.S. and get amnesty through their children. Another situation from a friend of mine shows how bad it has gotten. My friend heard a knock on his door, a Mexican lady pregnant was at the door and asked to use his phone because she was going into labor, the kick is once she gave his phone number and address he was charged with the bill. My brother a chemist in San Diego has a Mexican worker, legal green card holder, his wife has crossed the border seven times to have their children, legal americans,but the family lives in Tijuana. How could you let this congressman ramble on with untruths and you knowing fully well that he was lying, that makes you a very poor reporter; except for one thing you are not a reporter you are in the entertainment business. Get your facts straight and learn how to interview your guests! very poor sir.

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