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Senator Reid Needs Your Help to Pass Moral Budget

By March 16, 2005

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Senate Republicans are attempting to push Bush's catastrophic 2006 budget proposal through Congress with as little discussion as possible. And it's no wonder why!

Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) asks each of us to write a letter to the editors of our local newspapers, to bring this moral travesty to readers' attention.

"This week Senate Republicans are bringing George Bushıs budget to the floor. This bill is nothing short of immoral and we need to fight it. I ask all of you on this list to write a letter to the editor of your local paper and get the facts out in your community.

Republicans have a White House PR machine with a budget of more than $3 million ­ Senate Democrats have you.

Our budget comes down to moral choices -- the Bush budget chooses tax giveaways for corporations over college loans for kids. It chooses loopholes that let big businesses get away with avoiding taxes over aid to family farmers and rural communities; the companies that dodge their responsibilities by setting up fake headquarters in Bermuda over the partnership that is helping small businesses create manufacturing jobs here at home.

We need a budget that prepares our nation for the economy of the future. But President Bushıs budget saddles our economy and the next generation with an even greater burden of debt .These Republican policies that have added trillions to the debt ­ in effect, a "birth tax" of $36,000 on every child that is born.

The Bush budget doesn't count the future costs of the war in Iraq. It doesn't count the nearly $5 trillion his Social Security plan costs. And it doesn't count the full cost of his tax cuts. When this Bush budget gets placed in the Library of Congress, it ought to get filed under fiction.

Working for a budget that lives by Americaıs morals instead of mocking them, won't be easy. The Washington Republicans will fight us every step of the way. I need your help. "

Write and email/send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper today.


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